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(Charles Strouse, Stephen Schwartz)


Hiding in the wheat fields
From the Cossacks and the screams
Flames are on the hillside
Blood is in the streams
All the world is burning
That’s the way that it seems
David, did they hurt you darling?
Show me where they hurt you darling
Every night it fills my dreams.

I see us running through the forest
And there’s forty miles to go
Sneaking past the border
In the silent snow
Sleeping under haystacks
Eating roots where they grow.
Begging on the pier at Danzig
Well, we made it here from Danzig
What’s another mile or so?

We’re children of the wind
Blown across the earth
Pieces of a heart,
Scattered worlds apart.
So far, from those we love
All the children of the wind.

There’s a morning I want someday to see
All the children of my children are there
And they’re very, very noisy
Running through my kitchen
And they’ve been there, for a life time
And I know then, they will never be

Children of the wind
Longing to be one
Half a world away,
We will make a way.
Great ships and iron trains
Cross the seas and plains
Take us to the day
Bring us to the shore.
No more, the children of the wind!