Door Number Three - the lost songs from Waitress 

Recently Sara Bareilles release the EP What's Not Inside : The Lost Songs from Waitress which featured the song Door Number Three, a pre-runner of the song What Baking Can Do from the musical Waitress. The song was also included on Sara's album What's Inside : Songs from Waitress so whether this classes as a 'lost' song I'm not sure. Either way I've done a piano accompaniment for the song which is now on the YouTube Channel.

Here's the accompaniment, which uses the tempo set with the 'What's Inside' version, which is a couple of beats per minute quicker than the 'lost' songs version.


Without A Believer - from the EP What's Not Inside - The Lost Songs from Waitress 

So there's a new couple of videos on the channel tonight. In August 2019 Sara Bareilles released an EP of songs that were lost from the musical Waitress before it opened. One of those songs Without a Believer was also released in video form by Jeremy Jordan to coincide with the release. We've put together accompaniments in both Sara's key and Jeremy's key and both are now live on YouTube.

Jeremy Jordan Version - in the key of D Major.

Sara Bareilles Version - in the key of Gb/F# Major

I Don't Need Your Love - Six the musical 

New on the video channel today is the piano accompaniment for the song I Don't Need Your Love from the musical Six.

The song is part of the musical which is presently playing the Arts Theatre in London's West End, as well as from May to August 2019 in Chicago's Shakespeare Theater. The musical's songs are written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss.

The publishers Faber & Faber have released the sheet music for the songs from Six. They are all available here 

Earlier in the year we produced two versions of the song Heart of Stone, one in F (as per the Original Soundtrack recording) as well as one a semi-tone lower in E major.

In F Major


In E Major

The Greatest Showman - Tracks and Transcriptions 

At present we have two of the tracks from The Greatest Showman on the YouTube channel and one of those has it's own choral arrangement which you can perform. Never Enough is on the YouTube channel as arrangements in three different keys, with A Million Dreams having been transcribed into a SATB arrangement that works with the original track. The songs are written by award winning writers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

Never Enough (Original Key) 

Never Enough (Alto Key)

Never Enough (Male Key)

A Million Dreams : Sheet Music/Choral Arrangement

Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop Of Horrors - Video uploaded 

Morning, well I thought it was time to add to the Little Shop of Horrors videos I have on the Channel. 

This morning's load is Suddenly Seymour. This is the movie version as sung by Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene in the 1986 film.

I've always loved this song and think it's one of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman's finest creations.

You can get the track on the album Musical Theatre Duets.

Wicked videos now on the You Tube channel 

Alongside the tracks which are available on the albums The Female Solos of Stephen Schwartz and Musical Theatre Duets, Tim has now created five of the songs from the musical Wicked into videos on the YouTube Channel

The songs available on YouTube are

For Good (from Wicked) - Album - Musical Theatre Duets

I'm Not That Girl (from Wicked) - Album - The Female Solos of Stephen Schwartz

No Good Deed (from Wicked) - Album - The Female Solos of Stephen Schwartz 

Popular (from Wicked) - Album - The Female Solos of Stephen Schwartz

The Wizard and I (from Wicked) - Album - The Female Solos of Stephen Schwartz


New Mean Girls Sheet Music Transcriptions available 

Tim has recently been allowed to release his transcriptions for some of the songs from Tina Fey's Broadway musical Mean Girls. The songs for the show are written by Jeff Richmond and Nell Benjamin and Tim has created quite a few of the tracks for the You Tube Channel which have been quite popular over the last year. Recently he has been able to create the transcriptions for these arrangements and release them through sheet music plus.

The songs currently available are :

I'd Rather Be Me Sheet Music


What's Wrong With Me Sheet Music

Someone Gets Hurt (Original Key) Sheet Music

Someone Gets Hurt (Alto Key) Sheet Music

Someone Gets Hurt (Tenor Key) Sheet Music

Waving Through A Window - from the musical Dear Evan Hansen 

Recently I produced another track for the YouTube Channel. This time the song Waving Through a Window from the musical Dear Evan Hansen.

The show was written by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul and opened on Broadway in December of 2016. On the original cast recording the song was recorded by Ben Platt.

I've created three versions for the YouTube channel so hopefully you'll find a version that suits.

The original key (as sung by Ben Platt) is in A Major.

This makes the high notes of the song quite high (a top Bb), so I did a lower version for guys as well which may be more appropriate if your voice doesn't quite get up to the highest points of the song, That version is in F#

Also I know that many ladies appreciate this song so I have also done a 'female' key of Db, this gives a high note of D so hopefully this will be suitable for many mezzos/sopranos that would like to sing the song.

I hope you find one of these suitable for your needs. Alto voices may well find that the original key will work more preferably for you.


My Love My Life - from Mamma Mia Here We Go Again 

One of the new songs on the YouTube Channel is Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus' My Love, My Life from the movie Mamma Mia Here We Go Again. The song was originally recorded for the Abba album 'Arrival'. In the movie it is sung as a trio between Lily James, Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried.

The piano accompaniment that I put together now has over 50,000 views on the YouTube channel.

To go alongside this I have also been allowed to produce the sheet music for the song. This is available from here