Songlist - By Musical/Movie/Artist

Songs by Musical or Movie

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
I Speak Six Languages (Female Voice) [Show G]

A Man Of No Importance
The Streets of Dublin (Male Voice) [Show E]

I Know the Truth (Female Voice) [Show G]
Written In The Stars (Male/Female Duet) [Single C]

The Addams Family
The Pulled (Female Voice) [Show F]

A Whole New World (Male/Female Duet) [Movie D]
Arabian Nights (Male Voice) [Movie Am]
Friend like me (Male Voice) [Movie Dm]
Proud of Your Boy (Male Voice) [Movie Demo C]

American Idiot
Wake Me Up When September Ends (Male Voice) [Show G]

An American Tail
Somewhere Out There (Male/Female Duet) [Movie C]

Journey To The Past (Female Voice) [Movie C]
Once Upon A December (Female Voice) [Movie Bm]

Maybe (Young Female Voice) [Show Bb, Songbook Ab]

Aspects of Love
Anything but Lonely (Female Voice) [Show Bb]

Unworthy Of Your Love (Male/Female Duet) [Show B]

Avenue Q
There's A Fine Fine Line (Female Voice) [Show G]

The Baker's Wife
Chanson (Female Voice) [Show E]
Meadowlark (Female Voice) [Show E]

Beautiful - The Carole King Musical
Beautiful (Female Voice) [C]
I Feel The Earth Move (Female Voice) [Cm]
It Might As Well Rain Until September (Female Voice) [Db]
It's Too Late (Female Voice) [Am]
One Fine Day (Female Voice) [F#, F]
So Far Away (Female Voice) [D]
Take Good Care of My Baby (Male Voice) [F]
Up on the Roof (Male Voice) [Ab]
Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Female Voice) [C]
(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman (Female Voice) [A]
You've Got A Friend (Female Voice) [Ab]

Beauty & The Beast
A Change in Me (Female Voice) [Show Ab, Songbook D]
Beauty & The Beast (Female Voice) [Show D, Movie Db, Songbook Eb]
Home (Female Voice) [Show C, Songbook D]
If I can't love her (Male Voice) [Show C]
Me (Male Voice) [Show E]

Barbara 2.0 (Female Voice) [C]
Dead Mom (Female Voice, Male Voice) [A, Ab, G, F#, C]
Home (Female Voice, Male Voice) [D, F, B]
Invisible (Female Voice) [E]
No Reason (Female Voices) [F#]
Ready, Set, Not Yet (Male Voice) [Eb]
Say My Name (Male & Female duet) [F]

Billy Elliot
Electricity (Young Male Voice) [Show D, Songbook A]

Bonnie & Clyde
Raise a Little Hell (Male Voice) [Show Em]
You Love Who You Love (Female Duet) [Show Gb]

The Boy from Oz
When I Get My Name In Lights (Young Male Voice) [Show Bb, Songbook Bb]

Maybe This Time (Female Voice) [Show G]

I Loved You Once in Silence (Female Voice) [Show Gb]

If I Loved You (Male Voice) [Show G]
You'll Never Walk Alone (Female voice) [Show C]

Anthem (Male Voice) [Show D]
Someone Else's Story (Female Voice) [Show Gb, Songbook F]

Children of Eden
Ain't it Good (Female Voice) [Show A]
In Whatever Time We Have (Male/Female Duet) [Show Gb, Songbook F]
Lost in the Wilderness (Male Voice) [Show A, Songbook G]
Spark of Creation (Female Voice) [Show Db]
Stranger to the Rain (Female Voice) [Show D, Songbook Db]

City of Angels
You're Nothing Without Me (Male Duet) [Show C]

The Civil War
Father, how long (Male Voice) [Show A]
Virginia (Male Voice) [Show A]

Closer Than Ever
Life Story (Female Voice) [Show Gb]

The Count of Monte Christo
The Man I Used to be (Male Voice) [Show C]
When the World was Mine (Female Voice) [Show Bb]

Cry Baby
Screw Loose (Female Voice) [Show C]

Dracula The Musical
Please don't make me love you (Lass Mich Dich Nicht Lieben) (Female Voice) [Show Dm]
The Longer I Live (Je Länger Ich Lebe) (Male Voice) [Show G#m]

The Magic Show
Lion Tamer (Female Voice) [Show C, Songbook, Db]
West End Avenue (Female Voice) [Show Bb]

A Man of No Importance
Princess (Female Voice) [Show C]
The Streets of Dublin (Male Voice) [Show E]

Martin Guerre
How Many Tears (Female Voice) [Show Ab]

Mary Poppins
The Perfect Nanny (Young M/F Duet) [Show D]

My House (Female Voice) [Show Bb]
Naughty (Young Female Voice) [Show F]
Quiet (Young Female Voice) [Show Bb]

Memphis Lives in Me (Male Voice) [Show A]

Miracle on 34th Street
It's Beginning to look like Christmas [Eb, Ab]

Miss Saigon
I Still Believe (Female Duet) [Show Dm]
I'd Give My Life For You (Female Voice) [Show Bb]
Sun & Moon (Male/Female Duet) [Show Dm]
The Last Night of The World (Male/Female Duet) [Show B]
Why God Why (Male Voice) [Show C]

Reflection (Female Voice) [Movie F#, Songbook A]

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Moonfall (Female Voice) [Show Am]

Myths and Hymns
Migratory V (Female Voice) [Show C]

Santa Fe (Male Voice) [Show C]
Watch What Happens (Female Voice) [Show A]

Next To Normal
So Anyway (Female Voice) [Show A]

O What A Beautiful Morning (Male Voice) [Show E]

Where is Love (Young Male Voice) [Movie Db, Songbook C]

Phantom of the Opera
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Female Voice) [Show Gm]

Corner of the Sky (Male Voice) [Show C]
Kind of Woman (Female Voice) [Show Db, Songbook Eb]
No Time at All (Female Voice) [Show A]

The Pirate Queen
I'll Be There (Male Voice) [Show Eb]

Colors of the Wind (Female Voice) [Movie Db]
Just around the riverbend (Female Voice) [Movie C]

The Prince of Egypt
When you believe (Female Voice) [Movie Ebm]

Blame it on the Summer Night (Female Voice) [Show Am]
Children of the Wind (Female Voice) [Show Em]

Back To Before (Female Voice) [Show G]
Make Them Hear You (Male Voice) [Show Eb]

Only Love (Female Voice) [Show Gb]

The Scarlet Pimpernel
Falcon in the Dive (Male Voice) [Show F#m]
Only Love (Female Voice) [Show Gb]
When I Look At You (Female Voice) [Show F]
Where's the Girl (Male Voice) [Show G#m]

The Secret Garden
A Bit Of Earth (Male Voice) [Show G, Songbook A]
The Girl I Mean to Be (Young Female Voice) [Show Eb]
Hold on (Female Voice) [Show Db]
How Could I Ever Know (Female Voice) [Show Db]

Seussical The Musical
Alone In The Universe (Male Duet) [Show E]
It's Possible (Young Male Voice) [Show D, Songbook D]

Morning Person (Female Voice) [Show B]
Who I'd Be (Male Voice) [Show Db]

Song And Dance
Tell Me on A Sunday (Female Voice) [Show C]

The Sound Of Music
Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Female Voice) [Show C]
Edelweiss (Male Voice) [Film Ab]
My Favorite Things (Female Voice) [Show Ebm]

South Pacific
Some Enchanted Evening (Male Voice) [Show Bb]

Diva's Lament (Female Voice) [Show A]
The Song That Goes Like This (Male/Female Duet) [Show F]

Spiderman : Turn Off The Dark
If The World Should End (Female Voice) [Show Dm]

Sunday In The Park With George
Everybody Loves Louis (Female Voice) [Show F#]

Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
A Little Priest (Male/Female Duet) [Show Bm-Eb]
Green Finch and Linnet Bird (Female Voice) [Show F]

I See The Light (Male/Female Duet) [Movie C]
When Will my life begin (Female Voice) [Movie B]

You'll be in my heart (Male Voice) [Movie Single F#]

Tick Tick....Boom!
Come To Your Senses (Female Voice) [Show Eb]

Toy Story
You've got a friend in me (Male Voice) [Movie Eb]

Toy Story 2
When She Loved Me (Female Voice) [Movie F]

The Unauthorised Biography of Samantha Brown
Say The Word (Female Voice) [Show Db]

West Side Story
Somewhere (Female Voice) [Songbook Eb, Movie E]
I Feel Pretty (Female Voice) [Show F, Songbook F]

We Will Rock You
No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) (Female Voice) [Show D]

Waitress (and the Lost Songs from Waitress)
Door Number Three The Lost Songs from Waitress (Female Voice) [Sara Bareilles Gb]
Opening Up (Female Voice) [Show D]
She Used To Be Mine (Various) [Show F#, Sara Bareilles F, Male Bb, Jeremy Jordan C]
What Baking Can Do (Female Voice) [Show Gb]
When He Sees Me (Various) [Show Ab, Tenor B, Alto F]
Without A Believer The Lost Songs from Waitress (Various) [Sara Bareilles F#, Jeremy Jordan D]

For Good (Female Duet) [Show Db, Songbook C]
I'm not that girl (Female Voice) [Show A]
No Good Deed (Female Voice) [Show Cm/Bm]
Popular (Female Voice) [Show F]
The Wizard & I (Female Voice) [Show C]

The Wizard of Oz
Over the Rainbow (Female Voice) [Show B, Movie A, Songbook Eb]

Finding Wonderland (Female Voice) [Show A]

Happy Working Song (Female Voice) [Movie D]

Evening Primrose
Take me to the World (Female Voice) [TV Movie A, Songbook Bb]

Out Here On My Own (Female Voice) [Movie G, Songbook Bb]

Frozen & Frozen 2
Dangerous To Dream (Female Voice) [Musical A]
Into The Unknown Frozen 2 (Female Voice) [Movie Cm]
Let It Go (Female Voice) [Musical G]
Let It Go (Female Voice) [Movie Ab]
Love Is An Open Door (Male/Female Duet) [Movie D]
Monster (Female Voice) [Musical Dm]
True Love (Female Voice) [Musical Bb]
What Do You Know About Love (M/F Duet) [Musical C]

Turn Back O Man (Female Voice) [Show Gm]

Hopelessly Devoted To You (Female Voice) [Movie A]

Go the Distance (Male Voice) [Movie A]
I Won't Say (I'm in love) (Female Voice) [Movie C]

High School Musical 3
Scream (Male Voice) [Movie Ebm, Songbook Em]

Every Tear A Mother Cries (Female Voice) [Show Db]

When You're Alone (Young Female Voice) [Movie E]

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
God help the Outcasts (Female Voice) [Movie Bb]
Heaven's Light (Male Voice) [Movie F]
Hellfire (Male Voice) [Movie Bb]
Out There - Duet Section (Male Voice) [Movie C#m]
Out There - Solo Section (Male Voice) [Movie C]

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
Shouldn't I Be Less In Love With You (Male Voice) [Show C]

Into The Woods
Agony (Male Duet) [Show E]
Giants in the Sky (Male Voice) [Show Ab]
I Know Things Now (Female Voice) [Show C]
On The Steps of the Palace (Female Voice) [Show D, Movie Eb]
The Last Midnight (Female Voice) [Show, Movie Ab]

It's Only Life
Sweet Dreams (Female Voice) [Show C]

Jane Eyre
Sweet Liberty (Female Voice) [Show, Songbook Dm]

Jekyll & Hyde
A New Life (Female Voice) [Show E]
Bring on the Men (Female Voice) [Show C#m]
In His Eyes (Female Duet) [Show Bb]
Once Upon a Dream (Female Voice) [Show E]
Someone Like You (Female Voice) [Show F#, Songbook F]
This is the Moment (Male Voice) [Show Eb]

Just So
Wait A Bit (Female Voice) [Show E]

The King And I
Getting To Know You (Female Voice) [Show A]
Something Wonderful (Female Voice) [Show F]

Legally Blonde
Ireland (Female Voice) [Show C]

Les Miserables
Bring Him Home (Male Voice) [Show A]
Castle on a Cloud (Young Female Voice) [Show Am]
A Little Fall Of Rain (Male/Female Duet) [Show F]
Little People (Young Male Voice) [Show D]
On My Own (Original, Tenor & Alto keys, with and without recit section) [D, G, B]
Stars (Male Voice) [Show E (both Chaos and Safe Behind Bars versions)]
Suddenly (Male Voice) [Movie F#, Songbook G]

The Light in the Piazza
The Light in the Piazza (Female Voice) [Show D, Songbook C]

The Lion King
Can you feel the love tonight (Male Voice) [Movie Single Bb]
Endless Night (Male Voice) [Show D]
Shadowland (Female Voice) [Show C]

The Little Mermaid
Her Voice (Male Voice) [Show D]
Kiss the Girl (Male Voice) [Show F, Movie C]
Part of Your World (Female Voice) [Show G, Movie F]
The World Above (Female Voice) [Show F#, Songbook G]

Little Women
Astonishing (Female Voice) [Show C#m]

Little Shop of Horrors
Somewhere That's Green (Female Voice) [Movie G]
Suddenly Seymour (Male/Female Duet) [Movie A]

Love Never Dies
Love Never Dies (Female Voice) [Show Bb]
Til I Hear You Sing (Male Voice) [Show F]

Songs by Artist

Someone Like You (Female Voice) [A]

Alicia Keys
Empire State of Mind (Pt 2 Broken Down) (Female Voice) [F#]

Skinny Love (Female Voice) [C#m]

Bobby Vee
Take Good Care of My Baby
(Male Voice) [F]

Bruno Mars
When I Was Your Man (Female Voice) [D]

Carole King
Beautiful (Female Voice) [C]
Home Again (Female Voice) [A]
I Feel The Earth Move (Female Voice) [Cm]
It Might As Well Rain Until September (Female Voice) [Db]
It's Too Late (Female Voice) [Am]
So Far Away (Female Voice) [D]
Tapestry (Female Voice) [F]
Where You Lead (Female Voice) [C]
Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Female Voice) [C]
(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman (Female Voice) [A]
You've Got A Friend (Female Voice) [Ab]

The Carpenters
It's Going To Take Some Time
(Female Voice) [C]

Chantal Kreviazuk
Feels Like Home (Female Voice) [E]

The Chiffons
One Fine Day
(Female Voice) [F#, F]

Christina Aguilera
Beautiful (Female Voice) [Eb]

Demi Lovato
Skyscraper (Female Voice) [G]

The Drifters
Up on the Roof
(Male Voice) [Ab]

Ellie Goulding
How Long Will I Love You (Female Voice) [C]
Your Song (Female Voice) [Bb]

Emeli Sandé
Read All About it (Pt. 3) (Female Voice) [Bm]

The Everly Brothers
Crying in the Rain (Male Voice) [D}

Lily Allen
Somewhere Only We Know (Female Voice) [Bb]

Miley Cyrus
The Climb (Female Voice) [E]

Sara Bareilles
Love Song (Female Voice) [F]

Sarah McLachlan
Angel (Female Voice) [Db]

Vanessa Carlton
A Thousand Miles (Female Voice) [B]

Whitney Houston
Where do broken hearts go (Female Voice) [D]

Christmas Songs