From the recording One For The Girls

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(Dave Evans | Paul David Hewson)


Don’t think about tomorrow
We’ve only got today
There’s nothing I want from you
Not a word you have to say

You are all I need
And all I can defend
All I need to hold on to
If the world should end

In my imagination
I could not have made this up
In a world stranger than fiction
Ours is no fictional love

I can see the you
Under your second skin
I can feel your heartbeat quicken
Quicken and then slow

There’s nothing else I need to know
And there’s nothing
You need to pretend
If the world should end

And the sky tonight is luminous
For all the wrong reasons
And every doorway is hiding something
And if this world should all come crashing down
I wouldn’t care at all

And if there’s no tomorrow
I’ll have today again
There’s no time for sorrow
When there’s no such thing as time

And if the darkness will descend
Don’t need a saviour or a friend
I can say I’ve really loved
If the world should end