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(Frank Wildhorn | Jack Murphy)


[Dantès/Monte Cristo]
I've seen a thousand wonders
I've lived a hundred lifetimes
But not until this moment
Have miracles seemed real

As fleeting as a shadow
The time goes by unnoticed
The hate that drove me forward
Is gone and I am face to face with...

The man I used to be
Dreams I dared to dream
When love was all
The innocence of youth
Like memories of truth return
To learn forgiveness
The man I used to be
Cannot be outrun
Our past still lives
Whatever else I've done
Forever in his eyes, he'll see
The man that I used to be

And all the years will melt away
And lights will fall much softer now

For all the pain is gone
Hope is what moves on
I will be there
As near as her next prayer
As merciful as sweet redemption

Once blind, now I see
Once a slave and free
Give me a star
To homeward guide my heart
To resurrect a part of me
The man who I used to be